HapPy ReAdinG in tHis Boring-LoOking PieCes oF paPeRs

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Saying...(but I meant it..)


Don't let any man make it impossible for u to be happy.. Girls, u are STRONG, INTELLIGENT and BEAUTIFUL... Shout it from the rooftops.. You hve ur DIGNITY and SELF-RESPECT.. Tell urself everyday "I LOVE YOU" and nothing ever will be imppssible.. (anonymous)

Behind every beautiful girl, there's a guy who did the wrong  things and made her strong.. 


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i'm in silence..

as u can see, i also post this quotation in my facebook wall,

and i really meant it..juz like what i feel right now..


translation :

You can make a woman cry, let her wronged, but do not let her quiet silent, because silence is the deepest pain, silence is the most sad of a woman crying. You know, most women love to talk to, no matter how much suffering there is life, whether she did not mind, she wants to tell you all about her, this is the best way she loves you. If one day, she suddenly quiet, and you will come to regret the edge. . .

i silently cry myself..for so many reasons..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aku Tenggelam...

Ak neves, ak takot, mcm ak idop sengsorang, mcm xde teman, mmg ak sorg2, ak nk luahkan, tp xde yg sudi mdgar, ak tbeban, bahu ak berat, nk bnafas pn ase cm ssah giler, hnya mnunggu pecah, kalo bleh nk meletup trus.. Ak xnk sedih2.. Ak nk hepi, ak benci tekanan.. Ak xsuke stress.. Ak nk segale2nya cpt b'akhir, cpt abis spya ak tenang..

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