HapPy ReAdinG in tHis Boring-LoOking PieCes oF paPeRs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm fragile

dear handsome guys n beautiful ladies out there..
please take care of me..
lately I've been so sensitive toward any other problems..
dunno why..but for sure..
a lot of things happen to me..
even though there is a thing isn't relate to me..
so sad when people say juz anything they want to me..
n if i make anything wrong, forgive me...
n i don't want to hurt u either...
i love u all....<3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

aku yang suke berangan,,,

sedang berangan dalam kereta..
terase nk pakai cincin d jari..
tetibe kedengaran lagu yang slow romantik..
tp lagu bahasa cina..
walaupun tak paham, 
tp ase cm kene je ngn situasi aku mase tuh..
am i falling in love with him..?
my heart cant deny it, 
but my mouth cant say its true neither....

 is there any boy involve with this..?

yup..its him...:)

believe it or not..
better not to believe it oke..hahaha..


Friday, March 11, 2011


dear olie's...
"kte buat part kte cukup spt yg kite aturkan. tak perlu buat bende lain yang bukan hal kite. supplier ad ambil gaji, dia org buat sndiri, crews olie yg disayangi, i tau u orang semua amat letih, i amat faham, tetapi i amat perlukan kerjasamaanda utk sama2 harungi masa2 padat ni.. sikan bertahan dan ambil masa berehat walaupun satu jam. selepas ini kita ambil cuti dan rehat kaw kaw..." 
~ ms monna ong ~

huhu..mase skrg sgt sibuk..sume crew dh flat..
but we still hve a long way to go..
the lady boss sgt perlukan sokongan kte..
to get to this stage, we hve face a lots of challanges again and again..
please do keep our strength..
coz her strength is our strength..
we hve do face it together..

oke..not this one...
until meet again.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

same question..? annoying....

i juz dont understand why people always keep asking me the things that i dont have..
its annoying , u know...

are you still with the same job..?
are you not gonna change ur job..?
are you in love with him..?
he's getting married, dont u feel broken..?
he's now sumone's husband, are u still like him..?

so many kind of question that i. not involve at all..
keep me annoying and bored everytime i heart that question..

why they keep asking me to change my profession..?
i do love my job for now..
i had fun so much..
i had a very good lady boss..
i have nice co-worker..
i can do whatever i want, unless i dont break d rules..
they do teach me very well until this stage...
i dont change my profession until i have to do so...

why did they keep asking me about my feelings..?
i know u're happy with ur live..
i'm jelouse..? sure...i'm jelouse...
i'm incomplete bcoz i dont meet my soulmate yet...
so, what's that ur problem..
not at all aite..
so, please dont mess with me..
until i cant hold it anymore..i will explode...
i do fall in love, but he's not meant to me..
i know, He is keeping me for sumone..
to keep him feel complete with me...

for now, till meet again..
n stop asking me the same question....