HapPy ReAdinG in tHis Boring-LoOking PieCes oF paPeRs

Monday, June 6, 2011

Function Marathon

hik3..my previous pic from the previous TOYOTA function....

juz receive email from the big boss TOYOTA,
means big project will come to us..
oke tipu..email tu btarikh 3 june..ahahaha...

below are the date for your preparation :
-B'gunan Sebelah Celcom, Temerloh (Date : TBC)
-Mydin Mall, KT (14 - 16 July)
-Kuantan Parade (22-24 July)
-Mesra Mall, Kertih (14-16 July)
-Tesco Kota Bharu (21-23 July)
As discussed earlier, the setup concept will remain similar as Mar & Apr roadshow but little changes. There will be new platform design for Vios & new backdrop design. We keep the changes minimum due to timeline.  There could be additional place which i will re-comform. Please prepare your team. Also, I need Your Estimated cost by location.


* setelah dmodify serba sedikit email d atas..
wah...bermakna...kami akn bz la pas nih..trutamanya bulan Julai 2011..
sblom Ramadhan, sblom kita bpuasa... 

p/s : selamat bekerja semua....:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just one mistake..I FORGOT..

with that one mistake, they all attacked me directly.. 
Is it that bad that i forgot?? I know its not supposed to be.. 
But i'm juz human though.. 
I also tend to forgot a things, like u.. 
What if u forgot like me happened today.. 
U give to many things to do, to many things to remember, 
yet i've being scolded by all of you juz becoz I FORGOT..?? 
Am i dat bad..?? 

When i succeed to do a things, u praised me.. 
But when i made a mistake, u juz ambush me.. 
Especially the 'third person'.. 
Ahh..no need to say HER name here, juz make me more sick.. 
Even to write a sentence about her, i dont feel like.....arrgghhhhh... 

n suddenlly this song appears..

okebai...until we meet again...