HapPy ReAdinG in tHis Boring-LoOking PieCes oF paPeRs

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Saying...(but I meant it..)


Don't let any man make it impossible for u to be happy.. Girls, u are STRONG, INTELLIGENT and BEAUTIFUL... Shout it from the rooftops.. You hve ur DIGNITY and SELF-RESPECT.. Tell urself everyday "I LOVE YOU" and nothing ever will be imppssible.. (anonymous)

Behind every beautiful girl, there's a guy who did the wrong  things and made her strong.. 


via iPhone..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i'm in silence..

as u can see, i also post this quotation in my facebook wall,

and i really meant it..juz like what i feel right now..


translation :

You can make a woman cry, let her wronged, but do not let her quiet silent, because silence is the deepest pain, silence is the most sad of a woman crying. You know, most women love to talk to, no matter how much suffering there is life, whether she did not mind, she wants to tell you all about her, this is the best way she loves you. If one day, she suddenly quiet, and you will come to regret the edge. . .

i silently cry myself..for so many reasons..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aku Tenggelam...

Ak neves, ak takot, mcm ak idop sengsorang, mcm xde teman, mmg ak sorg2, ak nk luahkan, tp xde yg sudi mdgar, ak tbeban, bahu ak berat, nk bnafas pn ase cm ssah giler, hnya mnunggu pecah, kalo bleh nk meletup trus.. Ak xnk sedih2.. Ak nk hepi, ak benci tekanan.. Ak xsuke stress.. Ak nk segale2nya cpt b'akhir, cpt abis spya ak tenang..

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

one by one...korean drama..hihi (part 1)


i was just finish watching the PLAYFUL KISS..
which starring by the handsome gur KIM HYUN JUNG and 
the beautiful yet cute girl JUNG SO MIN..
here they are..

they r cute rite.. hehe..the truth is..
i cry many times watching this drama.. 
i really into HA NI along the way i watch this story..
like that it was me..haha...
and one things to share

till then, adios 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Function Marathon

hik3..my previous pic from the previous TOYOTA function....

juz receive email from the big boss TOYOTA,
means big project will come to us..
oke tipu..email tu btarikh 3 june..ahahaha...

below are the date for your preparation :
-B'gunan Sebelah Celcom, Temerloh (Date : TBC)
-Mydin Mall, KT (14 - 16 July)
-Kuantan Parade (22-24 July)
-Mesra Mall, Kertih (14-16 July)
-Tesco Kota Bharu (21-23 July)
As discussed earlier, the setup concept will remain similar as Mar & Apr roadshow but little changes. There will be new platform design for Vios & new backdrop design. We keep the changes minimum due to timeline.  There could be additional place which i will re-comform. Please prepare your team. Also, I need Your Estimated cost by location.


* setelah dmodify serba sedikit email d atas..
wah...bermakna...kami akn bz la pas nih..trutamanya bulan Julai 2011..
sblom Ramadhan, sblom kita bpuasa... 

p/s : selamat bekerja semua....:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just one mistake..I FORGOT..

with that one mistake, they all attacked me directly.. 
Is it that bad that i forgot?? I know its not supposed to be.. 
But i'm juz human though.. 
I also tend to forgot a things, like u.. 
What if u forgot like me happened today.. 
U give to many things to do, to many things to remember, 
yet i've being scolded by all of you juz becoz I FORGOT..?? 
Am i dat bad..?? 

When i succeed to do a things, u praised me.. 
But when i made a mistake, u juz ambush me.. 
Especially the 'third person'.. 
Ahh..no need to say HER name here, juz make me more sick.. 
Even to write a sentence about her, i dont feel like.....arrgghhhhh... 

n suddenlly this song appears..

okebai...until we meet again...

Monday, May 16, 2011

who is he..??

huhh..dh lame xmenjengah...
dh lame jgak xmembace blog orang2 ramai..
a lot things happen lately..
regarding this guy, relating dat girl..
dunno what i feel right now..

i hate him..but i still think of him..
he lie to me..but why i always stalk at his page, 
talking to him like nothing happened..
i want to make revenge..but why sometimes i feel sorry for him..
i want to know his situation..but i'm afraid i hurt myself..

arrgghhhh...dunno what to say..

am i just feels sorry for him juz becoz i'm his fren..??
or am i feels broken juz because i still has a crush for him...??

and anyone please....


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the hurting

#1 :

 #2 :
"Never assume that someone likes you by their sweetness
Sometimes, You're just an option when they're bored."

crdt : azmi mat

#3 :
for hurting me...=)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

she hates me..haha..nevermind...

"bile ade pompuan giler yang marah kat kite cakap 
kite nak tarik perhatian bf die sedangkan kite 
xpernah sembang or pandang bf die..
say this sure die jadik giler haha..:D
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, 
hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am...:)"

haha..oke..ak tipu..
ak satu tempat keje kot ngn boyfriend dia tuh..
so, of coz la ak akn bcakap ngn boyfriend dia tuh..
kalo x, cmne bisnes nk maju..ye dak..??
tp that girl is kind of stupid.. 
jealous of me with none of any reasons...
maklum la..bebudak...
malas ak nk melayan angin ko..
lgpon ko bkn kate kt ak kan... 
so, ko layan je la angin ko tuh sorg diri..

sekian, wassalam....

Monday, April 4, 2011

found this..very true..

true love don't need that...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm fragile

dear handsome guys n beautiful ladies out there..
please take care of me..
lately I've been so sensitive toward any other problems..
dunno why..but for sure..
a lot of things happen to me..
even though there is a thing isn't relate to me..
so sad when people say juz anything they want to me..
n if i make anything wrong, forgive me...
n i don't want to hurt u either...
i love u all....<3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

aku yang suke berangan,,,

sedang berangan dalam kereta..
terase nk pakai cincin d jari..
tetibe kedengaran lagu yang slow romantik..
tp lagu bahasa cina..
walaupun tak paham, 
tp ase cm kene je ngn situasi aku mase tuh..
am i falling in love with him..?
my heart cant deny it, 
but my mouth cant say its true neither....

 is there any boy involve with this..?

yup..its him...:)

believe it or not..
better not to believe it oke..hahaha..


Friday, March 11, 2011


dear olie's...
"kte buat part kte cukup spt yg kite aturkan. tak perlu buat bende lain yang bukan hal kite. supplier ad ambil gaji, dia org buat sndiri, crews olie yg disayangi, i tau u orang semua amat letih, i amat faham, tetapi i amat perlukan kerjasamaanda utk sama2 harungi masa2 padat ni.. sikan bertahan dan ambil masa berehat walaupun satu jam. selepas ini kita ambil cuti dan rehat kaw kaw..." 
~ ms monna ong ~

huhu..mase skrg sgt sibuk..sume crew dh flat..
but we still hve a long way to go..
the lady boss sgt perlukan sokongan kte..
to get to this stage, we hve face a lots of challanges again and again..
please do keep our strength..
coz her strength is our strength..
we hve do face it together..

oke..not this one...
until meet again.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

same question..? annoying....

i juz dont understand why people always keep asking me the things that i dont have..
its annoying , u know...

are you still with the same job..?
are you not gonna change ur job..?
are you in love with him..?
he's getting married, dont u feel broken..?
he's now sumone's husband, are u still like him..?

so many kind of question that i. not involve at all..
keep me annoying and bored everytime i heart that question..

why they keep asking me to change my profession..?
i do love my job for now..
i had fun so much..
i had a very good lady boss..
i have nice co-worker..
i can do whatever i want, unless i dont break d rules..
they do teach me very well until this stage...
i dont change my profession until i have to do so...

why did they keep asking me about my feelings..?
i know u're happy with ur live..
i'm jelouse..? sure...i'm jelouse...
i'm incomplete bcoz i dont meet my soulmate yet...
so, what's that ur problem..
not at all aite..
so, please dont mess with me..
until i cant hold it anymore..i will explode...
i do fall in love, but he's not meant to me..
i know, He is keeping me for sumone..
to keep him feel complete with me...

for now, till meet again..
n stop asking me the same question....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

playing Poker at Facebook

having so much fun playing Taxes HoldEm Poker on Facebook..
especially when i won the money..hehehe..

starting with $15 +++, until i left only about $900..
and then..

haha..i won about $51,000..nice is it...
but when i lost, i stand up and just go away..hahaha

nway, it juz for fun..not more than that...

see u next time...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

kereta oh kereta..(car oh car..)

sesekali menjengah ke blok kengkawan, membace ape ape update..
"waa, banyak jgak diorg update.."
"banyak nye kisah mereka.."
tp page ak ni, once in a blue moon, skali baru update..
haha..lawak je..bek xpayah ad blog sndri kan..
sdangkan tuan tanah pn jarang nk jenguk..hehe..

lately, my team n i sedang bz meng'organize' sebuah event d dataran shahbandar, kole ganu nih..
"karnival tahun baru 2011" diberi name..
walaupun karnival 2 dh stat 16 januari 2011until 6 februari 2011, tp still be considered as tahun baru kan..haha..
n ak plak kne incharge bahagian game stall, n sesekali kne jd gak camerawomen..
bak kate my boss, ak kne jadi cameragirl..hehe..sweet gaks name tuh..tengs my lady..:D
siap sponsor ak sepasang cermin mata Gucci lg tuh..
ahaha..Gucci la sangat..kalo yg ori pn xper gak..ahaks..demand la plak..
dia sponsor 2 pon, sb k sorg jer yg xder, org len sume ader..

stakat ni dh banyak la jgak aktiviti2 yg best..
2 malam lepas ak pertunjukan kereta Gen 2 ngn Proton Saga BLM..
kenape ak highlight proton saga BLM..??
sb ak teringat kt sorg mamat tuh yg pakai kete nih..
siap warna putih lagi..mmg full memory about dat guy la..hehehe...
then malam tadi lak, ad pertunjukan Auto Sound..
yg kete modified siap leh kuar sound kuat2 tuh..
bergegar la jgak jantung ak nih ble lalu kat blakang kete tuh..
tp mmg syok la jgak..
slain tuh, ad jgak pertunjukan tarian tradisional..
one of my fav..bkan sng nk tgok tarian tuh..
tp ak still lagi teringat tarian futuristik yg ak pnah tgok kt uitm dgun dulu kala..
mmg ssah la nk tgok tarian tuh..
next, nti akan ad lak pertunjukan drift..hehe..
xsabo lak nak nggu tgok yg 2..
nmpaknye pertunjukan kereta semakin hangat...
then, see u soon..
nti update lagi pasal pertunjukan kereta ni yer plus ngn gambar2 skali...
hehe..nampaknyer interest ak kearah kereta dah...:D

p/s : lepas nih, ble lak ak leh update..hmm...

Monday, January 3, 2011

sungguh malas..

sudah lame xmenjengah ke akaun ini..apatah lagi nk m'update'
sungguh malas plus dan bertambah tambah lagi ak bizi, tp xla t'amat sangat..
schedule aku bulan 12 ari tu, xde la banyak sgat, tp kalo nk menjengah ke cini, pn terase agak malas..
 mmg malas, tido lg best....:)

last ak update adalah seperti previous update..haha..story about korean drama
"You're Beautiful"
 then ak xupdate lg kan..sb AKU BIZI..konon2nye la...:)

pastu, 29 Dis 2010, ak dtugaskan kne incharge bahagian belon kt Ibai Resort..
buat balloon arch, balloon pillar n balloon bun..
dbantu oleh sorang lagi staff, and another part timer...
(ak dbantu or membantu nih..)
hehe..pape je lah, jnji ak g wat balloon 2...
ini lah hasilnya....

comey tak..comey tak..hehe..

pastu, mase new year eve lak, kami kne pergi kt Permai Hotel plaks..
setup and setting kt sane utk sound system & lighting system..
mklum la, ad artis nk kne perform malam tuh..
sape yg dimaksudkan..??
itu lah abang Jay Jay..
mase sound check petang tuh...
testing suare, gitar beliau, lighting, wayar & kabel..bla..bla..bla..
antara krew yg tlibat...
yang berkenaan, & yang xberkenaan sume ade kt cni...:)

moh kite tgok gamba2 lagi..
usha jum..!!

but the most favorite picture of d nite..TADAA....

sweet kan kami..hehe..
dan dengan itu, secare rasminya kite telahpun melangkah ke tahun baru 2011..