HapPy ReAdinG in tHis Boring-LoOking PieCes oF paPeRs

Monday, May 16, 2011

who is he..??

huhh..dh lame xmenjengah...
dh lame jgak xmembace blog orang2 ramai..
a lot things happen lately..
regarding this guy, relating dat girl..
dunno what i feel right now..

i hate him..but i still think of him..
he lie to me..but why i always stalk at his page, 
talking to him like nothing happened..
i want to make revenge..but why sometimes i feel sorry for him..
i want to know his situation..but i'm afraid i hurt myself..

arrgghhhh...dunno what to say..

am i just feels sorry for him juz becoz i'm his fren..??
or am i feels broken juz because i still has a crush for him...??

and anyone please....


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