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Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 just around the corner...:)

hepi new year to all..
eventhough there is thirteen days to steps to that day..
actually, can't wait to say it..hehe..

but above of all, years are only numbers..
and nothing gonna change me or you..
otherwise, you are changing for the better or worst..
but i hope it for the better future..
according to ur 'azam tahun baru' maybe..
but for me, no more 'azam tahun baru'
nothing to achieve when what i wish for last year, i already forgot what i want..=D
only just in the beginning..after ten days, i lost it on my mind..haha..
yess..i do have a wish for every new year coming..but which new year..
awal muharram or january..??
sooooo confuse, so better i won't set it again..
if u wanna achieve it, no need to wait until new year coming to ur way.. 
am i right..so true isn't it..
so, what do wish for..
motivation maybe..
juz do it..nobody gonna say no when u already decide it...

its true, nothing gonna change, like what they say about it :


which is

with love...<3


panggil aku sheh said...

slamat tahun baru muharam!
company aku siap buat asyura la..

~norashi kin~ said...

company ak x, mklumla tauke cine..hoho..