HapPy ReAdinG in tHis Boring-LoOking PieCes oF paPeRs

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i'm already on board..how about you..??

I've given away my 5 minutes to support the campaign..
to give lives and hope to them..
and i already on board..but, what about you..??
really hope to see you with me on board..
Welcome on board the movement to stop child abuse in Malaysia!
Dear norashi kin,
Every child has the right to grow up protected from being hurt and mistreated. Giving our children a happy and healthy childhood is only possible when each of us openly confronts abuse and defends their right to protection.
By Getting on Board, you have chosen to show that you care for children and their dignity. As a Campaigner for Children, I hope you will help rally others to join us on our journey to end child abuse in Malaysia. Email your friends, send a tweet, update your Facebook, write a blog, or send a letter to your newspaper. UNICEF has prepared materials to help you spread the word.
The more people who raise their hand to be counted, the stronger our campaign becomes. To begin, please share this email to 5 friends, encouraging them to hop on board our bus and join the movement for children. There's plenty of room for everyone.
United, we can make a difference for children.
and i already design my hand too..
tengok ni..santik tak..?? hihi..
katekan santik oke, utk amik ati ak..hahaha...

come, join me..
xrugi pape pn, juz tolong diorg..
lindungi la adik2 kita..
kalo bukan kite, sape lg..

sila klik disini..

with love..
aku yang sayang kamu


panggil aku sheh said...

cun2. eh santik2. hahaha (amek ati ni, nk kasi ape?)

~norashi kin~ said...

asheh : ak bg sokongan kt mu utk mu sokong diorg gak..ahaks..